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Mainline Plumbing & Rooter are standard and tankless water heater professional service providers. If you’re considering switching over to a tankless water heater in your Sherman Oaks home, a plumber from Mainline can provide that service for you. Tankless water heaters give you hot water on demand- heating the water only as it is needed. There can be considerable energy savings from not having to heat water that doesn’t end up being used, and for homes with limited space, that extra room provided by going tankless can be a real bonus.

If you need the services of a plumber for drain cleaning or repair in your Sherman Oaks home, Mainline Plumbing & Rooter employs the best in the area, with experts when it comes to dealing with sewers and drains. Mainline provides complete drain and sewer line cleaning services, with just a few examples of the types of service provided below:

- Drain cleaning and repair
- Sewer solutions and repair
- Hydro-jetting drain cleaning
- Bathtubs and shower drain repair
- Drain pipes installation and repair
- Floor drain installation and repair
- Sink drain installation and repair
- Pipe repair and re-piping
- Area drain repair

Mainline Plumbing & Rooter provides superior residential plumbing services to the Sherman Oaks area. A plumber from Mainline can provide any of the following services:
- Full-service plumbing maintenance and repair
- Water heater installation, maintenance and repair
- Tankless water heater maintenance and repair
- Earthquake valve installation
- Plumbing fixture sales and installation
- Electronic leak & sewer location
- Video sewer inspection
- Drain & sewer cleaning
- High pressure hydro jetting (removal of tree roots & sludge)
- Sewer repair & replacement
- Gas line installation and repair
- Kitchen appliance/fixture installation including sink faucets, garbage disposals, Insta-hot filters/faucets, water filter systems
- Bathroom fixture installation including sink faucets, toilets, shower/tub faucets
- Even if it’s not listed here, we most likely can handle it!
- Your Sherman Oaks plumber is always within reach when you call 888-740-MAIN.

Re-piping with copper is a well-established and popular repair/upgrade technique that has been used for 30 plus years - and chances are your home in Sherman Oaks may still have galvanized pipes. A plumber from Mainline Plumbing & Rooter can re-pipe your home with copper pipe, which can be a wise decision that in the long run will save you money and headaches, and it's an upgrade that can add to the resale value you your home by making it attractive to more potential buyers. Call Mainline Plumbing & Rooter at 888-740-MAIN for a free estimate to replace your old galvanized pipes with copper.

Whatever the plumbing issue you’re facing, Mainline Plumbing & Rooter in Sherman Oaks has a licensed plumber who can fix it for you promptly. Don’t let the problem go on without being looked at. Small plumbing problems can quickly turn into disasters. Call a plumber from Mainline Plumbing & Rooter at 888-740-MAIN today.